The Summer Centrepiece

The Summer Centrepiece

July 13, 2017

Add some style to your summer table with these cost effective and easy-to-make centrepieces. They're great for just sprucing up your current dining table arrangements, or they make a pretty prop for BBQ garden parties.

To get started, you will need a wooden crate. You can even fully personalise it to make it fit your colour scheme - chalk paint will work well.

Wooden Crate

Centrepiece - 5 Different Ways

1. Flowers
Probably the most popular and the most effective. You can also achieve a pretty flower crate multiple ways.

Option 1: Line the crate and insert a foam block. Start inserting foliage around the edge of the block and incorporate key flowers.

Option 2: Simply place a vase or jug of flowers inside the crate and scatter petals around the base.

Option 3: Arrange multiple succulents (this can also be in their own pots) for your own take on a traditional terrarium. 

2. Fruit
Bring vibrant colours to your table with a selection of fruit. This can be as extravagant as you like, or as simple as just compiling and bunch of fruit and throwing it in. Having fruit on the table might make you grab for it more often too!

3. Sweets 
Not so healthy, but still colourful. A sweet arrangement also has a lot of variety and is great for a BBQ. What about creating a 'pick n mix' style and fill multiple crates with different sweets? Don't forget to include a scoop and paper bags. It's great fun for both kids and adults!

4. Glass Bottles
Another idea for summer evening garden parties. You can create a mixture of cocktails, input them into glass bottles and present them nicely in a wooden crate. Not only does this provide a cute rustic feel, but it also 

5. Condiments
Often seen in restaurants and bars, but there's a reason why. It's so handy, everything is in 1 place. Throw all your knives and forks, salt and pepper, plus sauces into 1 crate. Effective and pretty.

Another great way to dress your centrepiece is with strong or ribbon, try weaving it through the crate!


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