Spring Flower Crates

Spring Flower Crates

April 28, 2016

Spring is upon us, the sun is shining and the flowers are blossoming. (Well supposedly anyway).

The Floral Arrangement  

Flower arrangements are aesthetically pleasing and brighten up any room they’re displayed in. Not only are they extremely easy and fun to make, it’s a suitable activity for all ages to get involved with. You can really be creative by tailoring the colour scheme and flower choice, making it the perfect DIY gift.

Before you begin, make sure you have the following: cellophane for lining the crate, oasis foam block and tray, a selection of foliage, a handful of pretty flowers and of course, a wooden crate! On Your Gift Basket we have a selection of suitable crates depending on the style you want to achieve. But we recommend The Ashfield Crate (Medium) for a chic vibe (and for ease, the tray we have suggested above fits perfectly inside).

Let’s get started:

1. Line the crate with cellophane

2. Cut the foam block to size and soak in water

3. Place the block on the tray inside the crate

4. Work your way inwards initially by placing the foliage around the edge of the block

5. Start incorporating key flowers

6. Remember to keep looking from all angles to fill in any gaps and build it up

Although we are strong advocates of gifting baskets, we really don’t blame you for using your creative initiative to have a go yourself, for yourself!

Once you have created your floral arrangement, tweet us or send us a photo on Facebook. We’d love to see your creations. Take a look at our basket range for more inspiration. 

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