Handy Kitchen Counter-top Storage Solutions

Handy Kitchen Counter-top Storage Solutions

May 03, 2019

The kitchen might be the busiest room in your house, but it doesn't need to be the messiest. We have a range of trays and crates to help make your mealtimes easier and more enjoyable.

Trays & Crates

Whether it be bamboo, wood or willow, each of our trays serves a purpose and all can find a use especially around the kitchen.

Bamboo Tray - A natural bamboo tray is a stylish tray that is perfect for housing bread, pastries and biscuits to name but a few!

Grey or Brown Tray - If you love nothing more than breakfast in bed, then our grey or brown wooden tray would make a handy addition.

Willow Tray - Not just limited to the kitchen, this tray is also makes a handy addition to the bathroom to store toiletries or makeup.

White Wooden Crate - A wooden crate can keep all of your sauces or tins in one place, all just an arms length away - handy especially when you're cooking!


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