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One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted

August 01, 2018

We are delighted to announce our participation in the One Tree Planted scheme 🌲

We work with One Tree Planted funding reforestation around the globe. Not only does this help to offset our avoidable carton emissions, it also offers great environmental and social benefits, providing biodiversity, jobs and food to communities, promoting wellness, regulates the climate and maintains the Earth's natural water cycles.

One Tree Planted has helped to plant in North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa. So far, we have planted 100 trees in Ethiopia and we are looking forward to planting many more across the globe in the coming months.

Why are trees so important to the environment?

Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to over 80% of the world's biodiversity. Here are the six reasons why trees are so vital:

1. AIR

Trees are like the vacuums of our planet. Through their leaves and bark, they suck up harmful pollutants and release clean oxygen for us to breathe. Healthy, strong trees act as carbon sinks, absorbing atmospheric carbon dioxide and reducing the effects of climate change.


Trees play a key role in capturing rainwater and reducing the risk of natural disasters like floods and landslides. According to the Food and Agriculture Association of the United Nations, a mature evergreen tree can intercept more than 15,000 litres of water every year.


A single tree can become home to hundreds of species of insect, fungi, moss, mammals, and plants. Depending on the kind of food and shelter they need, different forest animals require different types of habitat. Without trees, forest creatures would have nowhere to call home.


From arborists, to loggers, to researchers, the job opportunities provided by the forestry industry are endless. The organisation don’t just rely on trees for work; sustainable tree farming provides timber to build homes and shelter, and wood to burn for cooking and heating.


Trees help reduce stress, anxiety, and allow us to reconnect with nature. In addition, shade provided by tree coverage helps protect our skin from the ever-increasing harshness of the sun.


Trees help cool the planet by sucking in and storing harmful greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, into their trunks, branches, and leaves, and releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere. Trees can absorb up to 150 kg of carbon dioxide per year, making cities a healthier, safer place to live.

Every individual contribution helps make an impact. If you would like to help, there are three ways you can do so:



Become A Tree Ambassador

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