Not Feeling Christmassy Yet?

Not Feeling Christmassy Yet?

December 07, 2016


Are you feeling a bit like scrooge from the excessive talk of Christmas already, or can’t stand the increasingly busy crowds each weekend, or maybe you just can’t quite believe the time of the year and your mindset is still back in July? If you’re secretly wanting to feel as excited as a child who’s hoping to sneak a peek of Santa delivering presents down the chimney on Christmas Eve, follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. The most obvious… Decorate! Now it might be a little early, but as soon as it turns December 1st, dig your Christmas tree out of storage, brush off the dust and get decorating. Make an evening of it with your family or friends, open the wine and play music!
  2.  Watch Christmas movies (during all your free time). Browse through Sky’s dedicated Christmas channels, head over to Netflix or pick up a classic from the supermarket from as little as £3. ‘Elf’ is a given.
  3. Take a trip to the city, or a large shopping centre. The Christmas markets are starting to pop up and it’s a great excuse for a day trip. Full of winter festivities, you can find everything from mulled wine to mince pies, gifts to sweet treats and ice skating to circus shows. There’s plenty taking place across the country in most major cities, take a look here. Alternatively, even a mooch around your local shopping centre is a great way to take in the festive atmosphere.
  4. Get crafty - find your Christmas inspiration by creating handmade items, such as: a wreath, advent calendar, snow globe, stocking, gift tags and so on! Pinterest is filled to the brim with imaginative inspiration. Or simply why not start writing your Christmas cards and wrapping presents? Use bows and ribbon, pretty tags and wrap your presents in a gift basket for extra pizazz!
  5. Eat/drink seasonal food - better still, bake seasonal food! Mince pies and mulled wine scream Christmas. As does cinnamon (the renowned Christmassy smell), add it to everything. Hot chocolate? Add it. Coffee? Add it. Pastries? Add it. Cakes? Add it. That will be sure to lift your festive spirit.

Most importantly, remember the Christmas spirit is about love and together-ness. Whatever you may do to celebrate this, whether it’s sharing your values/belief, participating in traditions, attending events, cooking, or even just watching television together – make sure it makes you happy. Merry Christmas! 

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