New Baby? Say Hello With A Gift Basket

New Baby? Say Hello With A Gift Basket

June 01, 2016

Welcome the new addition to your loved ones’ family with a gift basket that is designed to help them settle into their new home and family.

New parents are bound to be showered with presents, from toys for the new baby to practical gifts like nappies and bottle sterilisers. If you’re trying to think of something a little bit different, then you could create a bespoke gift that focuses on helping the new arrival settle in. We’ve put together some suggestions of what to include in a gift basket that will help the new baby feel at home right away.

Sleep aids

The majority of a new-born’s time is going to be spent sleeping, so it’s a good idea to include something to make nap-time more enjoyable! A soft, washable blanket is ideal, but it’s likely that other well-wishers may have gotten there first. Some new parents swear by essential oils like lavender - a gentle, organic bubble bath or massage oil can help bring on sleep, so why not give this gift? Just be sure to research the brand you decide to buy, as sensitive skin can easily become irritated. Gentle or classical music is also said to help soothe young children, and encourage longer periods of sleep, so a CD could also make a great basket filler.

A new baby book

There are plenty of great books out there that will help new parents document every milestone of their babies’ lives right from day one. It may not technically be a welcome gift, but it will document how loved they were right from their arrival. A book like My Amazing Family and Me is suitable for every kind of family, and will give everyone something great to look back at when the baby grows up.

Bonding gifts for siblings

Some children get very excited when a new baby comes home, but others have a hard time adjusting. Strengthen the bonds between your loved one’s children by including matching gifts in the basket like toys, blankets, or clothing. For very young siblings, you could even address the label on the gift from the new baby to create some positive associations early on.

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