Light-hearted Gift Basket Fun

Light-hearted Gift Basket Fun

July 05, 2016

Baskets are great to gift on serious occasions such as a Birthday or a Wedding. But gifting a basket is also a good opportunity to have some light-hearted fun…

Gifting a basket is always a well-thought-out gift. However, gifting a basket outside of the norm (whether it be suited to a personality, or for a new chapter in someone’s life) is not only fun for the recipient to receive, but it’s also fun for you to put together. Here are a few ideas:

Stress Relief Hamper

Maybe you know someone who worries far too much, or someone who can get stressed quite easily. Put together a selection of calming treats to encourage stress relief. This can include: relaxing bath salts, soft slippers, soothing eye mask, stress ball, chocolate, lavender room spray. You could even throw in some spa vouchers! Create your own basket and keep with a light colour theme for the shred and bow, our Chelsea Hamper will give a real luxurious feel.

New Job Survival Kit

We can all agree the run up to starting a new job can be somewhat nerve-wracking. Take the edge off the situation by gifting all the stationery essentials. Paperchase have a massive selection of quirky notepads, pens, highlighters and sticky notes. Don’t forget to include a bottle of wine, to be enjoyed on Friday evening as a pat on the back for making it through the daunting first week. We recommend our Soho Basket or Mayfair Tray, they’re the perfect size.

The ‘Getting Old’ Basket

This is a great novelty birthday idea for the joker of your family/friends (maybe not so good for someone who is sensitive about their age)! The Victoria Basket or Beale Basket will be suitable for presenting various novelty gifts, such as: inflatable zimmer frame, fold up walking stick, emergency toilet paper, 'grumpy' mug.

New Baby, but for the New Mum

This is a slightly different take on a new baby arrival, this one is for the new mum. Include items that will come in handy when she least expects it or when she needs a pick-me-up. Here are some must have items: gossip magazines (for something to look at between feedings to stay awake), beauty treats, protein snacks, soft pyjamas, and of course, the one thing that will be greatly appreciated, a ‘babysitting coupon’ (there’s plenty of free templates available to download on Google). The Richmond Basket will present these items beautifully and will also make a lovely keepsake.

Hopefully these gift ideas have given you some unique inspiration. If you create one of these baskets, or have any other ideas, please tweet us or contact us on Facebook, we’d love to see your creations.

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