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How To Wrap A Perfect Basket Every time

How To Wrap A Perfect Basket Every time

November 21, 2017

Achieving a professionally wrapped looking basket is easy, trust us! So step away from the pre-made generic hamper and create a fully unique and personalised hamper (with everything you need in our gift packs) by following these simple steps.


6 Simple Steps To Create Your Own Hamper

1. Fill the basket with the shred and tease to separate the strands. Begin to arrange the items in the basket.

2. Carefully place the basket inside the cellophane bag and readjust the items as necessary.

3. Gather the top of the bag and secure with tie. Tape any loose corners underneath the basket.

4. Assemble the bow by pulling the 2 strings until it has formed. Tie a knot to keep it in place.

5. Attach the bow to the basket with the 2 strings. Curl the ends and cut to the desired length.

(Alternatively) Secure the tie on the bag closer to the basket and use a hair dryer to shrink wrap.


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