First Things First: Buy Dad a Father’s Day Present

First Things First: Buy Dad a Father’s Day Present

May 24, 2016

Have you thought about what to get Dad this Father’s Day? If not, here’s a reminder that he deserves something awesome.

Our baskets make an excellent keepsake and are great for presenting a range of collated gifts. So what type of Dad do you have and what basket contents should you be buying?

Sporty Dad

Gifts to buy: Table Top Football, Personalised Golf Tees, Engraved Oval Football Keyring, Rugby MugToilet Golf,  Fitbit, Tour of Wembley StadiumThe dad who is fervently passionate about sports, whether it be Football, Rugby, Golf, etc. He will spend all his free time watching, playing or talking to you about sport (regardless of you sharing the same interest)!

Tech Dad

Always has the latest technology or gadgets. He upgrades his phone as soon as the latest model comes out and everything on the TV must be watched in HD (probably in 3D too).

Gifts to buy: Vizor Virtual Reality Glasses, Portable Charger, GoPro, Personalised USB Stick, Personalised Photography Bag

Foodie Dad

Does your Dad love spending time in the kitchen or dining at restaurants? If so, he’s the foodie lover. There’s a whole range of gifts that can be bought here, whether it be edible or just food-themed.

Gifts to buy: Personalised BBQ Tools, Man Bowl, Pizza Scissors, Yolkfish Egg Separator,  Fridge Magnet Bottle OpenerChilli Tour and Tasting

Arty Dad

Your Dad enjoys the finer things in life and likes to connect with his creative side. Maybe he reads classic novels, or owns an extensive collection of art house films.

Gifts to buy: Scratch Map, Book Rest Lamp, Personalised Leather Book Mark

Retro Dad

Does your Dad nostalgically say ‘back in my day…’? He probably can’t name a single song or artist from this century. He may seem impossible to buy for, but he will be impressed by a selection of retro gifts.

Gifts to buy: Vinyl Record Chopping Board, Retro Mobile Phone Handset, Vinyl Record Player, Alarm Clock

Whatever you decide to get for your Dad, he’ll love it. Every type of dad has one thing in common and that is unconditional love for his kid(s). Hopefully you can take some ideas from this, or alternatively gain some inspiration in building your own gift basket. You’ll be organised and prepared way before the fast approaching day, Sunday 19th June.

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