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4 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Kids & Adults

4 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Kids & Adults

February 16, 2018

Searching for inspiration for new and quirky ideas for your Easter egg hunt? Take a look below for our top collated ideas for you to have a crack at. They're easily adaptable, perfect for children and adults!  


Easter egg hunts don't have to involve chocolate! This option is also great for continuing the game after the hunt is over. Place a puzzle piece in each egg and hide around the house or in the garden. Once all eggs have been collected, the players have to work together to complete the puzzle and receive a prize!



This is definitely weather permitting, but a lovely one for young children to get involved. Simply use flour to create bunny footsteps as clues to find the eggs. It's incredibly exciting for the little'uns! 



Think charades with this one. Print off actions and hide them within the eggs, such as 'hop like a bunny' or 'quack like a duck', whichever player guesses the answer the quickest (and correctly) gets the egg. The player with the most eggs at the end is the winner! A great game for kids and adults, theme it so it's spring related or turn into an evening game - perhaps even the classic charades with an Easter twist.



Get your friends together for an evening edition of glow in the dark Easter egg hunt. It's quite easy to achieve, snap some glow sticks and place inside the egg, then hide throughout the garden. The person with the most eggs wins a prize! There's definitely options to make this version more difficult, so get creative.


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