A Basket Suitable For Every Christmas Gift

A Basket Suitable For Every Christmas Gift

November 22, 2017

It's hard to know how many gifts (at what size) will fit in a basket - you don't want to run the risk of it looking too sparse, but neither spilling over the edges as it can ruin the overall look.

So that's why we've tried to make it a little easier for you and listed below some popular basket choices used over the festive period, along with our recommended gifts to fit inside. Another great alternative is to swap these items for homemade treats, bake some cookies and poop them inside a glass jar with 

 (Please note this is only a guide as it all depends on the actual measurements of each product, however we hope it provides some inspiration)!

Large Bamboo Tray

Great value for money and fully versatile. The size is quite roomy and holds 3 bottles of wine side by side (with extra space too)!

- 2/3 Bottles (Mulled Wine, Champagne, Prosecco)
- Small Christmas Cake
- 2/3 Miniature Jars of Chuntney/Conserve 
- Small box of Chocolates/Fudge


Medium Grey Willow Hamper

Looks are deceiving with this hamper. Items can be propped against the open lid which gives a lot of space! 

- 2/3 Bottles of Ale/Cider
- Savoury Biscuits with Chuntney
- Selection of Nuts 
- Box of Chocolates/Fudge/Biscuits
- Christmas Cake/Mince Pies

Medium Grey Wooden Crate

Crates are great for heavier items, but also ideal for reusing again. Why not create a non-food hamper?

- Bath Salts & Bubble Bath
- Perfume
- Large Candle
- Pyjamas
- Slippers

Round Bamboo Basket

Baskets are perfect for a selection of smaller gifts. This deep basket can hold a fair amount! 

- 2 Bottles of Wine/Ale/Cider
- Box of Truffles/Chocolates
- Box of Biscuits
- Olives & Dips
- Christmas Pudding

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