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3 Wooden Crate Storage Solutions

3 Wooden Crate Storage Solutions

April 03, 2018

Pinterest is your best friend for finding all the inspiration to upcycle wooden crates. There’s always projects that are achievable for the most novice of DIY’ers to straight up professionals. As we leave the colder weather behind (hopefully anyway), it’s time to get into action with your spring clean and get crafty.


Ideal for the living room or bedroom. Stack multiple crates together and build it as high as necessary, sand and paint if required. As simple as that, a nifty storage solution with space for all your important belongings.














This is a great project to get your hands on and be as creative as you wish, but does require extra items (and is a little more difficult). The crate can be treated and decorated as desired, then extra wood needs to be sourced to begin creating a lid for the crate. Wrap foam and fabric around the lid to complete. Your new ottoman is perfect for hiding clutter and providing additional seating.















A great option for storing magazines, books, post and other small items. They sit flush to the wall but provide something a little quirky compared to the standard shelf. They can carefully be sawed in half, then applied with hanging screws and secured to the wall.

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