10 Ways To Use A Basket At Home

10 Ways To Use A Basket At Home

July 20, 2017

Baskets are cost-effective, versatile and have no end of uses. Whatever size, colour or shape - there will be more than 1 appropriate use around the home. Not only that, but they add charm to any decor!

Have you got any baskets laying around that you're not quite sure what to do with? Or maybe you want to buy a basket for the purpose of organisation? Have a look at the following ideas for using a basket around your house.

1. Towel Storage
A great way to store a small selection of towels, especially if you have a guest bathroom.

2. Laundry Basket
Make use of a lined basket, or input a lining to ensure your clothes don't snag.

3. Plant Pot
Wicker plant pots are currently bang on trend. Just Simply insert a plastic inner and pop in a succulent!

4. Beauty Basket
Fed up of your makeup scattered all over the place? Create an organised (hidden) mess and throw everything into 1 basket.

5. Kitchen Bits
Baskets are handy for just about anything and in the kitchen is no exception. Store your utensils or pots of herbs for easy grabbing.

6. Blanket/Throw Storage
A popular use for the basket, place one beside your sofa and store throws for easy access on chilly evenings.

7. Shelving Units
Do you have any open cabinet space, or shelving space? Use a few baskets to place on the shelves to hide any knick-knack bits around the house for neater organisation. 

8. Garden Prop
Throwing a BBQ or having a garden party? Baskets are great to use around the garden for all sorts of reasons. Use it to store outdoor games, throws or cutlery including knives and forks.

9. Mail 
Place a basket near the front door and use to hold all of your letters in 1 place - all the important information in 1 place!

10. Decorative
Simply place a few baskets around the house for decorative touch! 

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